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Engine 2 Diet Q&A

Before starting any diet it’s always nice to have a little bit of information about it, from the approach to the diet to the types of foods that are allowed. Here are some basic Q&As for the Engine 2 Diet.

Who created the Engine 2 Diet? Rip Esselstyn, a former world-class professional tri-athlete and the son, grandson and great-grandson of renowned physicians.

What is the approach to the Engine 2 Diet? A plant-based diet provides the body with fats, nutrients, and proteins, whereas animal products threaten to harm the body with saturated fat, which clogs arteries. This vegan diet requires that you cut out vegetable oils as they strip plants of nutrients.

What is the goal of the Engine 2 Diet? To prevent disease, provide ultimate health, and help with weight loss.

What are the basics of the Engine 2 Diet? Esselstyn guides you through this diet. You choose either “firefighter” or “fire cadet.” The firefighter jumps right in, eliminating all animal products, processed foods, and vegetable oils from their diet. The fire cadet eases into changing their diet with a 28-day cadet plan.

What are some tips that make the Engine 2 Diet a success? Include low calorie, high fiber fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds and into your diet. Eliminate vegetable oil from your diet. Replace all animal products with soy- and nut-based alternatives.

What are the benefits of the Engine 2 Diet? This diet helps with blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and the prevention of heart disease.

With any diet, it is recommended that you see your doctor before starting a diet program so you both can discuss your current health and health goals.